Physical Activity and Sociodemographic Profile of Brazilian People during COVID-19 Outbreak: An Online and Cross-Sectional Survey

Corona Virus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) outbreak created an unprecedented impact on global health and further aggravated the physical inactivity pandemic. For this reason, the understanding of sociodemographic variables in the context of physical activity levels are important for the field of public health in order to assist in relevant public health decisions. Our main aim was to characterize sociodemographic variables and physical activity levels and its association in the COVID-19 outbreak. We applied an online Google survey with closed questions in Brazilian people of different age and regions, both sexes, and physical activity levels (n=1,726 respondents). Our main results were that participants who had symptoms of COVID-19 had the highest percentage of level 1 of physical activity (lowest level) and those who showed no symptoms had the highest percentage of levels 2 and 3 of physical activity, that is, close to the moderate levels of physical activity. This cross-sectional study in the Brazilian population provided important sociodemographic data and COVID-19 aspects regarding to the level of physical activity. It is possible to assume that higher levels of physical activity could positively impact individual and collective health and be a tool in the field of public health to cope with disease scenarios that require isolation and social distance.

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