High-speed bodyweight resistance training improves functional performance through maximal velocity in older females

We compared the effects of body-weight resistance training (BWT), at moderate or high-speed conditions, on muscle power, velocity of movement, and functional performance in older females. In a randomized single-blinded non-controlled trial, participants completed twelve weeks (three sessions/week) of BWT, at high (HST; n=14; age, 70.6±4.3 years) or moderate (MST; n=12; age, 72.8±4.2 years) speeds. Data were analysed with an ANOVA (group×time), with level set at <0.05. After the intervention, timed-up-and-go test performance (p<0.05), and the rising-from-a-chair test mean (22.4%) and maximal velocity (28.5%), mean (24.4%) and maximal power (27.7%), normalized mean (25.1%) and maximal power (28.5%) increased in the HST group (p<0.05). However, the MST group achieved no improvements (p>0.2). We conclude that high-speed BWT is an effective and economically practical strategy to improve the functional capacity of older women, relevant to daily life activities.

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