Resistance Training in Face of the Coronavirus Outbreak: Time to Think Outside the Box

Resistance training (RT) is a popular exercise mode and is considered an essential part of an exercise program. In current pandemic times due to the coronavirus (i.e. COVID-19) outbreak, RT practice has been strongly threatened. However, such threat might not be an inherent problem to RT, but rather to misconceptions related to RT. In the current opinion article, we provide insights to better understand RT. When analyzing current scientific evidence, it seems that RT can be performed in a safe, time-efficient and uncomplicated manner, in many different places and with few resources, which makes it fully feasible within measures adopted to control coronavirus dissemination. RT should not be sacrificed due to consequences of the coronavirus pandemic. However, it might be necessary to sacrifice some old-fashioned thoughts, rooted in beliefs that have already been overturned by science. It would be counter-productive for population health (and countries economy) to avoid RT due to the misconception that specialized equipment, fashioned programs, or resources are needed for effective programs implementation. Therefore, RT can be easily adapted to the new time and logistical challenges brought by the coronavirus outbreak.  From a practical standpoint, RT could be performed using body weight, accessible materials (e.g. elastic bands, lights dumbbells and barbell) or even without external load at home or at public spaces and still result in important health benefits.

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