Recovery of pectoralis major and triceps brachii after bench press exercise: Pectoralis and triceps recovery

Introduction: The present study evaluated and compared the recovery of pectoralis major (PM) and triceps brachii (TB) muscles of trained men after bench press exercise. Methods: Eighteen volunteers performed eight sets of bench press exercise to momentary muscle failure and were evaluated for TB and PM peak torque and total work on an isokinetic dynamometer. Results: PM peak torque and total work remained lower than baseline for 72 and 96 hours, respectively. TB peak torque was only different from baseline immediately post training, while total work was significantly lower than baseline immediately and 48 hours after training. Normalized peak torque values were only different between TB and PM at 48 hours post training. Discussion: Considering the small and nonsignificant difference between the recovery of TB and PM muscles, the results suggest that bench press exercise may promote a similar stress on these muscles. This article is protected by copyright.


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