Effects of Power Training on Muscle Thickness of Older Men

The present study aimed at comparing the effects of traditional resistance training (TRT) and power training (PT) in inducing muscle hypertrophy in older men. Twenty older men (aged between 69 and 76 years) were divided in two groups: TRT training (n=9) and PT training (n=11). The volunteers trained twice a week, during 10 weeks. Both groups performed an equal work output and the same exercises with loads between 40% and 60% of 1 RM. Three sets of eight repetitions of each exercise were performed with rest intervals of 90 s between sets. Muscle thickness was measured by ultrasound at the biceps brachii (BIC) and rectus femoris (RF), using a 12 MHz high resolution scanning probe. An ANCOVA was used to compare post training muscle thickness values between TRT and PT, using baseline values as covariates. According to the results, RF muscle thickness increased only in PT, while BIC musclethickness increased in both groups, but with larger increases in PT. In conclusion, ten weeks of PT induced muscle hypertrophy of the upper and lower limb muscles in older men. PT training may yield better results in muscle hypertrophy when compared with TRT.


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