Effects of periodic and continuous resistance training on muscle strength in detrained women

It has been reported that periodic resistance training (retraining after short-term detraining) could maintain muscle performance. However, the training volume used in previous studies differed between continuous and periodic training groups. This study compared strength gains following 20 sessions of continuous and periodic resistance training programs. 60 healthy, detrained women were randomly assigned into one of two groups: (1) continuous resistance training group or (2) retraining resistance group. The continuous resistance training group performed a non-interrupted resistance training program for 10 wk., while the retraining resistance group trained for 5 wk., detrained 2 wk., and resumed training for 5 wk. All participants performed three sets of 8-12 maximum repetitions of lower- and upper-body exercises two days per week, with at least 48 hr. between sessions. There was no significant difference on knee extensors and elbow flexors peak torque gain between the continuous resistance training group and the retraining resistance group. The results suggest that 2 wk. of detraining does not affect strength gains after a total of 10 wk. in detrained women.

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