Effects of equal-volume resistance training performed one or two times a week in upper body muscle size and strength of untrained young men

Aim: The purpose of the present study was to compare the effects of equal-volume resistance training (RT) performed once or twice a week on muscle mass and strength of the elbow flexors in untrained young men. Methods: Thirty men (23 ± 3 years) without previous resistance training experience were divided into two groups: Group 1 (G1) trained each muscle group only once a week and group 2 (G2) trained each muscle twice a week during 10 weeks. Baseline and 10 weeks post-test elbow flexors muscle thickness (MT) were measured using a B-Mode ultrasound. Peak torque (PT) was assessed by an isokinetic dynamometer before and after the training program. Results: Elbow flexors MT increased significantly (P<0.05) from 31.70 ± 3.31 to 33.43 ± 3.46 mm in G1, and from 32.78 ± 4.03 to 35.09 ± 3.55 mm in G2. Elbow flexors PT also increased (P<0.05) from 50.77 ± 9.26 to 54.15 ± 10.79 N.m in G1, and from 48.99 ± 11.52 to 55.29 ± 10.24 N.m in G2. The results of ANOVA did not reveal group by time interactions for any variable, indicating no difference between groups for the changes in MT or PT. Conclusion: The results from the present study suggest that untrained men experience similar gains in muscle mass and strength with equal volume RT performed one or two days per week

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